Leslie Controls, Inc. Defense Logistic Agency (DLA) Quotations
Date:July 19, 2007
Subject: DLA Logistics Reseller Assignment

Effective 7/19/07 and until further notice, we are delighted to inform you that Leslie Controls Inc. (Cage 35795) has selected Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC: Cage 79343) as our after market representative for resale of proprietary parts and equipment to the Defense Logistic Agency (DLA), primarily DSCC, DSCR and DSCP for formal EDI (Electronic Data Interchange ) or written solicitations posted through the DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS)…a.k.a. BSM.

SAIC has been selected for their longstanding experience with the Department of Defense (DOD) procurement and material handling functions as well as their top notch EDI capabilities. These strong capabilities will allow us to better serve our entire customer base world wide. As part of this partnership, SAIC will be responsible for consolidating RFQs, Purchase Order Contracts, DD250s, Invoicing, Military Packaging, Bar-coding and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). In the event that a non Level I or non-nuclear solicitation requires Government Source Inspection, Leslie Controls will forward our current Alternate Release Program Certification to SAIC, who will in turn complete source inspection for kind, count and condition (and packaging) at the place of shipment. At Leslie Controls' discretion, we may allow SAIC to offer the same after market resale services to non EDI DLAs, such as NAVICP, FISC, USCG, or Norfolk Naval Shipyard (for example). Because each inquiry must be evaluated for unique inspection and documentation requirements, Leslie Controls will reserve the right to respond directly as needed for these unique government applications. Leslie Controls also maintains SAIC personnel data on file for ITAR and Export Control purposes. Resale for domestic shipment is intended only under a formal DOD Contract. Leslie Controls (Cage 35795), (A division of CIRCOR International) has long acquired the R.G. Laurence Co. (Cage 87229) along with Bailey (Cage 05163) and Contromatics (Cage 16626). We are the sole original equipment manufacturer for products and parts associated with these cage codes. (CPC Cryolab (No Cage Code) has also merged with Leslie Controls)

All direct and indirect inquiries should be forwarded to: Marianne McGuire; Account Manager

Science Applications International Corporation
155 Passaic Ave.
Fairfield NJ 07004-2381
Phone: (973) 808-4710
Fax: 973-575-5467
Email: MARIANNE.MCGUIRE@saic.com


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