May, 2002

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Leslie's Parallel Valve System Increases Stability & Accuracy

The S Transfer System is a simple and versatile parallel valve system designed to handle extremely wide load variations beyond the range of a single valve. It uses a combination of control valves and regulators to "transfer" flow to the valve best suited for the current steam load. It has also been retrofitted to solve poor control situations, safety valve "popping" problems and intermittent low steam main pressure problems.

The Class S Transfer Valve is a pneumatic switch that is used to select which of two parallel circuits will be active and prevents oscillation between circuits. The valve system consists of a low flow valve and a high flow valve. As flow increases and the low flow valve reaches capacity, the high flow valve opens while the low flow valve simultaneously closes. As flows decrease, the sequence is reversed so that only one valve at a time is open and neither valve is throttling close to its seat. The result is more accurate control, less valve wear and less maintenance.

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