July, 2002

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For Immediate Release:

Leslie's Class DOT 3-Way Control Valve Reduces Down Time

Leslie Controls is pleased to announce the availability of the Class DOT 3-way control valve. The DOT is suitable for both converging and diverging liquid flow service. The one-piece body eliminates the tailpiece and extra gasket joint associated with conventional 3-way control valves. Spring-loaded Teflon chevron stem packing eliminates the need for periodic adjustment. Cage-guided trim reduces stem load, increases valve stability and is easily removed from the top of the valve. Since there is no need to remove the DOT from the line to replace the trim, lower maintenance cost and less down time is achieved.  

Leslie's Class DOT 3-way valves are available with cast iron or bronze bodies in 1" through 3" sizes and are offered with threaded or flanged end connections. To obtain more information on DOT 3-way valves or for more information on Leslie Controls, Inc. products or services, contact Leslie Sales at (800) 439-4485 or sales@lesliecontrols.com

Leslie Controls, Inc. is a global manufacturer of control valves, solenoid valves, butterfly valves, regulators, steam water heaters, strainers and accessories. Leslie Controls, Inc. is a division of Circor International, a NYSE Company. 

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