December, 2003 

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New! Leslie Constantemp Heater Fights Legionella

Leslie Controls' Constantemp Heater (now available in both single and double wall) destroys Legionella bacteria that can grow in hot water systems. Constantemp Steam Water Heaters Feed-Forward system heats water to 200F and then blends fresh cold water to achieve set temperature - accurate to 3F.

Constantemp Heaters instantly deliver up to 120 gallons per minute and never fail hot. Large storage tanks that can breed Legionella are easily replaced by the compact Constantemp, which fits through a standard doorway. Skid mount systems are also available. Just connect water inlet and outlet, steam inlet and condensate drain and youre ready to go.

For information about the new double wall Constantemp Heater, or for more information on Leslie Controls, Inc. products or services, contact Leslie Sales at (800) 439-4485 or Leslie Controls, Inc. is a global manufacturer of control valves, solenoid valves, butterfly valves, regulators, steam water heaters, strainers and accessories. Leslie Controls, Inc. is a division of Circor International, a NYSE Company.

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