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9/0.5.0 K-Max IOM
10/0.5.1 Control Valve Installation and Field IOM for 35, 55, 85, 135 Actuator
10/1.5.1 Single Ported Control Valve IOM
10/2.5.0 Piston Actuator IOM
10/2.5.1 Aeroflow 1"-14" 150-2500 class IOM
10/2.5.1.A Special Live loaded packing
10/2.5.1.B Special Upseating Mini-P FTC Actuator Adjustment
10/2.5.1.C Special Balanced Mini-P
10/2.5.1.D Special Upseating Mini-P FTO
10/2.5.1.E Thermal Growth 2" Aero TECO
10/2.5.1.F ANSI 4500 Class Aeroflow
10/2.5.1.G Chesterton Live Loaded Packing
10/2.5.1.H Aeroflow Special Balanced Mini-P
10/ DBOY(s)-3, DDBOY(s)-3, DBOS-3, DDBOS-3 150-600 class IOM
10/3.6.5 Installation, Operating and Maintenance Instructions D Series
10/4.5.0 GTB 1"-16" 150-600 class (DIN 16-40) IOM
10/5.5.2 DKLO D1 & D4 .5"-4" 125/250 class IOM
10/5.5.4 GTW .5"-10" 150-300 class (DIN 16-25) IOM
10/7.5.1 RVK/RVB 4"-16" IOM
10/8.5.1 DOT IOM
10/ DLO-2 & DDLO-2 (125/250), DLOS-2 & DDLOS-2 (150/300), DLOS-2 & DDLOS-2 (150/300) IOM
11/1.2.4 Laurence SST FSDV cylinder
11/1.5.0 Rotary On-Off Electrical/Pneumatic Control Valve
11/1.5.3 Laurence FM, CSA, CE instruction sheets
20/1.5.2 Pilot Controller IOM
20/ UDDVP Pilot Controller Stem Adjustment and Proportional Band adjustment
20/ UDRVP Pilot Controller Stem Adjustment and Proportional Band adjustment
20/4.5.1 LAP, LAUP, LAPB, LAUPB Floatless Level Control Pilot IOM
20/4.5.4 Leslie Level-Matic control Pilot Vertical and horizontal feed water heater installation.
20/4.5.5 Recommended Installation Floatless level controls for vessel under pressure
20/5.5.1 Temperature Fixed and Adjustable Proportional band type IOM
20/5.5.2 Leslie-Propomatic type BP & Type B temperature control pilot IOM
20/6.5.1 Leslie Volume Booster IOM
20/7.5.1 1/4" Class S transfer valve control pilot IOM
26/2.6.1 PMC-2 Electro-Pneumatic Controller
30/1.5.1 A-2, AG-2, AF-2, AFG-2, etc small flow airmate pressure reducing valve and air loader IOM
30/1.5.3 Leslie Airset AS-1
30/3.5.1 J, L (E) (Y) (X) (K) (S) (T) (-3) (-4) (-5) ETC pressure reducing valves and Differential pressure regulators IOM
30/4.5.1 GP Pressure reducing valve IOM
30/4.5.5 GPKP-1 Steam Pilot operated pressure reducing valve IOM
30/4.5.7 GPS-1EP, GPS-4EP Steam Pilot operated pressure regulator IOM
30/8.5.1 VKP Pilot operated pressure reducing valve IOM
40/2.5.1 Back Pressure regulator IOM
60/1.5.1 M, MK, MR, MRK, MC-2, MD-2, ME-2, MCR-1 & MDR-1 direct operated small flow temperature regulator IOM
60/2.5.1 Temperature Regulator Narrow band pilot operated IOM
60/3.5.1 Duo-matic pressure limiting temperature regulator adjusting and fixed gain IOM
90/0.5.0 NYC Heat Exchanger
90/0.5.0.A NYC Heat Exchanger Supplement
90/0.5.1 NYC Heat Exchanger
90/0.5.2 Constantemp Steam-water heater IOM
90/ EN-320 and EN-620 Constantemp Steam potable water heater IOM
90/ Constantemp High Pressure Steam-Water Heater IOM
90/4.5.1 Constantemp Low Pressure Steam-Water Heater IOM
90/4.5.5 Constantemp Double Wall Low pressure steam-water Heater F-340LDW,F-640LDW, F-940LDW and F-1240LDW
90/6.5.0 Unfired Steam Generator LVSG SERIES
92/0.5.0 Leslie packaged steam-fired water heater IOM
100/1.5.1 AIR WHISTLES - RS Type, Single Tone and Chime Tone